Diseases that Harm Require Therapies that Harm Less

---Sir William Osler(1849-1919)
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ISMIVS Newsletter May&June, 2023

Newsletter 2023 May & Jun
About Us 国际微无创医学会简介
The International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS, previously known as International Society of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine) was founded in July 2013 at the gala of the 1st Yangtze International Summit of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine in Chongqing, China. ISMIVS envisions to accelerating the progress in minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine by promoting research, education, communication, and international collaboration.
国际微无创医学会(ISMIVS)是在 2013 年 7 月在中国重庆召开的第一届国际微无创医学长江高峰论坛上宣布成立的,旨在通过学术研究、教育、交流以及国际合作加快微无创医学的发展。
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The Personality in the Medical Education World 医学教育界的大人物
From the 2020 July issue of our ISMIVS Newsletter, we would like to introduce some pioneers in the field of minimally-invasive and noninvasive medicine. They are not only prestigious in their field but also willing to share their experience and ideas with younger doctors, hence making a great contribution to medical education. This issue features Dr Paul Lyon, a radiology consultant from Oxford University, UK.
从 2020 年 7 月刊开始,国际微无创医学会将为大家介绍微无创医学领域的一些领军人物。他们不仅在各自的领域享负盛名,而且非常乐意与年轻医生分享他们的经验、理念和想法,从而为医学教育做出了巨大的贡献。本期月刊要介绍的是英国牛津大学的放射学医师 Paul Lyon。
Dr. Paul Lyon
Radiology Consultant (Interventional Oncology)
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Churchill Hospital, Oxford
Paul Lyon医生

Board Member, International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS)
Associate HIFU Clinical Director, Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Paul Lyon is an experienced consultant radiologist with specialist training in interventional oncology. He acquired his DPhil at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) and Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford leading a first-in-man trial in focused ultrasound targeted drug delivery (TARDOX). He started training as an academic clinical fellow in clinical radiology at Oxford University Hospitals in 2016 and obtained his consultant post in 2022.
Paul Lyon 是一名经验丰富的放射科顾问医生,曾接受过介入肿瘤学方面的专业培训。他在牛津大学生物医学工程研究所(IBME)和纳菲尔德外科科学系获得博士学位,领导了聚焦超声靶向给药(TARDOX)的首次人体试验。他于2016 年开始在牛津大学医院接受临床放射学临床研究员培训,并于 2022 年获得顾问职位。
Paul has specialist interests in radiology and interventional oncology, minimally invasive ablative techniques, ablative and non-ablative focused ultrasound, clinical trials, targeted drug delivery, software engineering, bioinformatics and computer modelling. He has performed over 200 image-guided thermal ablative procedures (including cryoablation and microwave ablation). He continues a strong interest in HIFU and is the Associate Clinical Director for Oxford’s High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Service, working closely together with Prof. David Cranston and Prof. Feng Wu.
他擅长放射学和介入肿瘤学、微创消融技术、消融和非消融聚焦超声、临床试验、靶向给药、软件工程、生物信息学和计算机建模。他已完成了 200 多例图像引导的热消融手术(包括冷冻消融和微波消融)。他对高强度聚焦超声(HIFU)有着浓厚的兴趣,是牛津大学高强度聚焦超声(HIFU)服务中心的临床副主任,与 David Cranston 教授和伍烽教授密切合作。
Following his DPhil, Dr Lyon has continued to develop extensive clinical research experience in HIFU. He is the lead applicant for several large grants and projects, including e £120K grant from Sarcoma UK and $40K grant from FUS Foundation. He is the principal investigator for the SarcAblate study which involves clinical investigation of immune effects of HIFU for soft tissue sarcoma, and is co-supervising an immunology DPhil student. He has authored or co-authored over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals receiving over 650 citations and has authored two book chapters on focused ultrasound. In addition, he is actively engaged in Interventional Oncology international conferences as a speaker, teaches trainee radiologists and supervises academic projects for medical students and junior doctors.
获得博士学位后,他继续在 HIFU 方面积累丰富的临床研究经验。他是多个大型基金和项目的主要申请者,包括英国肉瘤协会的 12 万英镑基金和 FUS 基金会的 4 万美元基金。他是 SarcAblate 研究的主要研究者,该研究涉及 HIFU 治疗软组织肉瘤的免疫效应临床调查,并担任一位免疫学博士的联合导师。他在同行评审期刊上发表或合著了 20 多篇论文,被引用 650 多次,并撰写了两本关于聚焦超声的书籍章节。此外,他还积极参与介入肿瘤学国际会议并担任发言人,为见习放射科医生授课,并指导医学生和初级医生的学术项目。
Read his article on the triggered drug release of doxorubicin from TARDOX:
阅读Paul Lyon医师关于肝脏肿瘤热敏脂质体超声触发靶向给药的文章:
News 新闻
ERenowned experts from home and abroad gathered in Chongqing to discuss the new progress of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine
From July 8 to 9, the 5th Yangtze International Summit of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine & 2023 "the Belt and Road" Innovation Forum on Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medical was held in Liangjiang New area of Chongqing. In view of the minimally invasive and noninvasive medical concept of "treating human diseases with less harmful treatment methods", nearly 120 overseas medical experts and a total of more than 500 personnel in the field of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine gathered at this grand event to discuss the cutting-edge technology of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine and disseminate new minimally invasive ideas to jointly promote the development of global medicine.
7 月 8~9 日,“第五届国际微无创医学长江高峰论坛暨 2023‘一带一路’微无创医学创新论坛”在重庆两江新区召开,近 120 名境外医学专家,共计 500 余位微无创医学领域人员因“伤害人体的疾病需要对人体伤害更小的治疗方法”这一微无创医学理念齐聚本次盛会,共话微无创前沿技术,传播微无创理念,助推全球医学发展。
The conference was hosted by the International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS), Chongqing Medical University, the State Key Laboratory of Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering, and the National Research Center for Medicine Ultrasonic Medicine and Engineering, the opening ceremony was presided over by Yuan Jun, Vice President of Chongqing Medical University. Nearly 100 well-known medical experts from more than 20 countries and regions, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Colombia, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, etc. Including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE), Asia-Pacific Association for Gynecologic Endoscopy and Minimally Industry Leaders of Invasive Therapy (APAGE) and other societies have conducted thematic discussions on minimally invasive and noninvasive medical concepts, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as endoscopy and high-intensity focused ultrasound, covering obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, interventional radiology, ultrasound diagnosis and other fields.
本次大会由国际微无创医学会主办,重庆医科大学、超声医学工程国家重点实验室和超声医疗国家工程中心承办,开幕式由重庆医科大学副校长袁军主持。来自中国、美国、英国、法国、德国、澳大利亚、哥伦比亚、西班牙、新加坡、韩国等 20 余个国家和地区的近 100 位知名医学专家组成讲课嘉宾阵容,包括中国科学院院士、中国工程院院士,欧洲妇科内镜学会(ESGE)、亚太妇科内视镜暨微创外科学会(APAGE)等学会的行业领军人物,他们围绕微无创医学理念,腔镜、高强度聚焦超声等前沿技术展开专题分享,内容覆盖妇产科、外科、介入放射科、超声诊断等多个领域。
Professor David Cranston, Past President of International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS) Professor David Cranston, stressed that Oxford University has been promoting the development of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine for many years. Based on current data, we have achieved great success. In the next two days, we will review the development and achievements of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine over the years, and we are grateful for being able to collaborate and exchange ideas with friends from so many countries at this international summit.
国际微无创医学会往届主席 David Cranston 教授致辞,牛津大学多年来一直致力于微无创医学发展,从目前的数据看,我们非常成功。接下来的 2 天时间里,我们将看到这些年微无创医学的发展和成绩,很感激能在这个国际会议上与这么多国家的朋友合作、交流。
Professor Lang Jinghe, Honorary President of the International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS) and the CAE Member stressed that minimally invasive and noninvasive are significant concepts, whose goal is to achieve the best therapeutic effect with the least damage. In recent years, great progress has been made in minimally invasive and noninvasive technologies, including the application of focused ultrasound ablation surgery (FUAS). We have carried out a large number of minimally invasive and noninvasive work domestically and internationally, achieving excellent results and receiving unanimous praise from doctors and patients. At this conference, we will summarize our previous experience and promote the development of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine.
After the opening ceremony, Yang Huanming, an academician of the CAS Member, delivered a speech on "‘Two Revolutions’in the History of Life History of science and Precision medicine", Lang Jinghe, an academician of the Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech on "The Status Quo and Development of Medicine", David Cranston, president of the International Society of Minimally Invasive Medicine, delivered a speech on "Examining the Development of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine in the Footprint of William Osler", and Rudy Leon De Wilde, former president and current director of ESGE, delivered a speech "Treatment of Adenomyosis: Forget Surgery" , and Li Qilong, APAGE Board Chairman, delivered a speech "Necessity of Safety Certification for Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Treatment Technologies", discussed the prospects, development trends, effectiveness, and safety of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine, as well as their value to human medicine.
开幕式后,中国科学院院士杨焕明发表了《生命科学史上的两场"革命”和精准医学》演讲、中国工程院院士郎景和发表了《医学的现状和发展》演讲、国际微无创医学会主席 David Cranston 发表了《沿着威廉•奥斯勒的足迹看微无创医学的发展》演讲、欧洲妇科内镜学会前任主席&现任总监 Rudy Leon De Wilde 发表了《子宫腺肌症的治疗:忘掉手术》演讲、亚太妇产科内视镜暨微创治疗医学会 (APAGE)董事会主席李奇龙发表了《微无创治疗技术安全认证的必要性》演讲,讲述了微无创医学的前景及发展趋势,微无创治疗技术有效及安全性,以及微无创医学对人类医学的价值。
The 12 parallel sub-forums were officially kicked off by the lively presentations of many big shots. The topics of the sub-forum on July 8 include Academician Forum, Development Direction of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine, and Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine Assisting Hospital Development; The topics of the July 9 sub-forum include Fertility Protection, Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Treatment Strategies and Techniques for Adenomyosis, Discussion of Difficult Cases, Guidelines for Prolonging the Survival Period and Improving the Quality of Life of Patients with Pancreatic Cancer, Treatment Strategies for Liver Cancer, Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Treatment of Gynecological Diseases, Future Development Direction of FUAS and Expansion of Other Indications, Noninvasive Treatment of Vulva and Cervical Diseases, Roundtable Forum on Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Specialty Construction to Assist High-quality Development of Hospital.
多位大咖生动地演讲,为本次 12 个平行分论坛正式拉开帷幕。7 月 8 日分论坛主题包括:院士论坛、微无创医学发展方向、微无创医学助力医院发展;7 月 9 日分论坛主题包括:生育力保护、子宫腺肌症的微无创治疗策略及技巧、疑难病例讨论、如何延长胰腺癌患者生存期及提高生活质量、肝癌的治疗策略、妇科疾病的微无创治疗、聚焦超声治疗技术未来的发展方向及其他适应症拓展、外阴及宫颈疾病的无创治疗、微无创学专科建设助力医院高质量发展圆桌论坛。
The concept of minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine is an advanced medical concept that conforms to the development trend of human medicine, covering almost all specialities such as clinical, nursing, imaging and laboratory medicine. With the help of modern medical technology such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, endoscopy, and intervention, experts in various fields have unique skills to save lives, cure diseases, and minimize the harm suffered by patients. Among them, there is FUAS, which is considered by many experts to be a game-changing, revolutionary and cost-saving medical treatment, and its treatment of solid tumours has the advantages of being non-trauma, bloodless, scarless, and radiation-free.
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The 23rd APAGE Annual Congress
The 23rd APAGE Annual Congress will be held on October 26-28, 2023, in Singapore, please kindly save the date and see you there!
APAGE 第 23 届年会将于 2023 年 10 月 26 日 至 28 日在新加坡举行,欢迎大家参与!
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HIFU Special Issue 高强度聚焦超声特刊

We are delighted to announce that the International Journal of Hyperthermia, the HIFU Special Issue (i.e. Volume 38, 2021), which was partially supported by ISMIVS, was officially released in September. The Special Issue includes 15 articles written and reviewed by world-renowned scholars and pioneers in minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine, elaborating on the status and prospects of the clinical applications of high intensity focused ultrasound on tumours that occurred in specific organs. We'll share the 15 articles included in the upcoming newsletters, stay tuned!
Pregnancy outcomes after ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) for conservative treatment of uterine fibroids: experience of a single institution
This article is to assess the impact of ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) ablation for uterine fibroids on fertility.
本文旨在评估超声引导下的高强度聚焦超声 (USgHIFU) 消融术治疗子宫肌瘤对生育的影响。
Between February 2008 and February 2018, 560 reproductive-age women with symptomatic uterine fibroids who underwent USgHIFU therapy at Mútua Terrassa University Hospital, Spain were conducted and retrospective observed. We analyzed pregnancy outcomes including time to conception, pregnancy approach, gestational age, delivery mode, neonatal outcomes and complications during pregnancy and delivery.
2008 年 2 月至 2018 年 2 月期间在西班牙 Mútua Terrassa 大学医院, 我们对USgHIFU 治疗的 560 名有症状子宫肌瘤的育龄妇女进行了回顾性观察研究。我们分析了妊娠结果,包括受孕时间、妊娠方式、胎龄、分娩方式、新生儿结局以及妊娠和分娩期间的并发症。
After USgHIFU treatment, 71 pregnancies were obtained in 55 patients. Of these, 58 (82%) cases were natural pregnancies and 13 (18%) were in vitro fertilization (IVF) pregnancies. The median time to conception was 12 (range 1–72) months. There were 43 (61%) successful deliveries, including a twin gestation, 22 (31%) spontaneous abortions and 6 (8%) therapeutic abortions. The rate of full-term deliveries was 91% (39/43) and the remaining 9% (4/43) were preterm deliveries.
经过 USgHIFU 治疗,55 名患者中有 71 名成功怀孕。 其中,58 例(82%)为自然妊娠,13 例(18%)为体外受精(IVF)妊娠。 受孕的中位时间为 12(范围 1-72)个月。 共有 43 例 (61%) 成功分娩,其中包括双胎妊娠、22 例 (31%) 自然流产和 6 例 (8%) 治疗性流产。 足月分娩率为 91% (39/43),其余 9% (4/43) 为早产。
Patients undergoing USgHIFU treatment of uterine fibroids can achieve full-term pregnancies with few intrapartum or postpartum complications. More studies are required to compare fertility and perinatal outcomes between patients who underwent or did not USgHIFU.
接受 USgHIFU 治疗子宫肌瘤的患者可以实现足月妊娠,且产时或产后并发症很少。 需要更多的研究来比较接受或未接受 USgHIFU 的患者的生育能力和围产期结果。
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Tech Update in Gynaecological Endoscopy 妇科腔镜技术最新进展
The effectiveness and safety of laparoscopic uterosacral ligament suspension: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The author from the Netherlands published a systematic review with a meta-analysis of the effectiveness and safety of Laparoscopic uterosacral ligament suspension (LUSLS) as a treatment for apical pelvic organ prolapse (POP).
Their search resulted in a total of 138 publications. Of 138 hits, 13 studies were included with 933 LUSLS patients. The average follow-up was 22 months. All were nonrandomised cohort studies. The pooled anatomic success rate is 90% for all LUSLS procedures (95% confidence interval [CI] 83.3–95.5). LUSLS with hysterectomy resulted in an anatomic success rate of 96.6% (95% CI 87.5–100) and LUSLS with uterus preservation 83.4% (95% CI 67.7–94.6). The pooled subjective cure rate was 90.5% (95% CI 81.9–96.5). The rate of major complications was 1%.
他们的检索共找到 138 篇出版物。在这138 项研究中,有 13 项研究纳入了 933 名 LUSLS 患者。 平均随访时间为 22 个月。 所有研究均为非随机队列研究。 所有 LUSLS 手术的汇总解剖成功率为 90%(95% 置信区间 [CI] 83.3–95.5)。 子宫切除术的 LUSLS 的解剖成功率为 96.6% (95% CI 87.5–100),保留子宫的 LUSLS 的解剖成功率为 83.4% (95% CI 67.7–94.6)。 主观综合治愈率为90.5% (95% CI 81.9–96.5)。 主要并发症发生率为1%。
In conclusion, the laparoscopic uterosacral ligament suspension seems to be a promising, effective and safe technique to treat apical pelvic organ prolapse, based on the current literature. It has clear advantages compared with other apical procedures: no mesh use (native tissue repair), low risk of ureter obstruction, a long total vaginal length and keeping the natural vaginal axis intact.
综上所述,根据目前的文献,腹腔镜子宫骶韧带悬吊术似乎是治疗顶端盆腔器官脱垂的一种有前景、有效且安全的技术。 与其他根尖手术相比,它具有明显的优势:不使用网片(天然组织修复)、输尿管梗阻风险低、阴道总长度长并保持自然阴道轴完整。
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